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The single highest predictor of effective learning is ... you, the teacher.

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Join Thousands of Teachers and Out-of-school-time professionals!  Get three new "big ideas" each week on how to be more productive, happy, successful, and influential in your classroom or practice!

Games Teachers Play ...

"Games Teachers Play Before the Bell Rings" is a set of ten consciousness-expanding "games" that will transform your mindset, attitude, and approach to the important art of working with children and youth.

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High Performance Coaching

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?  Rick coaches a select number of clients who are hungry for more clarity, energy, and courage in their teaching career and life.  Click here to see if you qualify to work with Rick one on one.

Level Up Your Practice

Behavior Guidance

Create the classroom you want and give children and youth the tools to grow socially and emotionally.  Master the advanced principles of Behavior Guidance in this online course with Rick Rood

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What's Your NEXT LEVEL as an Educator?

Like you, I got into the field of education to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. What I didn't realize is how much I could amplify my effectiveness and influence by having a coach.

Think about it - Steph Curry has a coach... so does Tom Brady. Why shouldn't educators - those who shape the future on a daily basis - also have the same high level of coaching?

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