About Rick

Rick has been involved in the American Education System for over 25 years, working in K-12 education and Out-of-School Time.  Rick has a Master's degree in Education and has a passion for teaching the next generation and transforming our education system. In addition to being a Certified High Performance Coach working with teachers and administrators to raise their effectiveness to the next level, Rick spends his time traveling and helping schools, community-based organizations, and teachers take their programs to the next level.  When he isn't working, Rick enjoys making music and hanging out with his family.

What Others Are Saying About Rick

“Rick provided very valuable content I didn’t know I needed!  So valuable and applicable to me and my work!” – Derek, Oakland

“I left feeling energized and hopeful” – Cindy, Danville

“Exciting new ways to think of behavior and ways to reframe it so we can help kids behave in appropriate ways.” – Carla, Oakland

“Rick kept the group engaged with the discussion about framing behaviors.” – David, Oakland

“Loved the way you reframed misbehaviors.  You were awesome!!” – Patricia, Oakland

“Rick Rood was AMAZING!” – Kindness Rocks Conference 2019


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